David Wood

​Location(s): IN/MI Area

True Blue Since: 2018

​Favorite Flavor of the Day: Cappuccino Cookie Crumble​

Email: davidwood@bleedblue.net

Aaron Paunwar

​Location(s): IN/MI Area

True Blue Since: 2016

​Favorite Flavor of the Day: Turtle

Email: aaronpaunwar@bleedblue.net

Our Operations Managers

Lea Nour

​Location(s): FL Area

True Blue Since: 2019

​Favorite Flavor of the Day: Midnight Toffee 

Email: leanour@bleedblue.net

Sydney Rogney

​Location(s): WI Area

True Blue Since: 2009

​Favorite Flavor of the Day: Chocolate Eclair

Email: sydneyrogney@bleedblue.net

Calli Sprecher

​Location(s): WI Area

True Blue Since: 2011

​Favorite Flavor of the Day: Double Marshmallow Oreo

Email: callisprecher@bleedblue.net