Our Partners

Robert Impellizzeri

Locations: 263 & Walker, MI

True Blue Since: April 13th, 2015

​Favorite Flavor of the Day: Andes Mint Avalanche

​Email: robertimpellizzeri@bleedblue.net

LaVonne Daveler

​Location: 548

True Blue Since: 2003

​Favorite Flavor of the Day: Caramel Turtle

Email: lavonnedaveler@bleedblue.net

Aaron Archuleta

Locations: Three Rivers, MI

True Blue Since: 2017

​Favorite Flavor of the Day: Peanut Butter​ Salted Caramel

​Email: aaronarchuleta@bleedblue.net

Justin Lawler

​Location(s): 510, 560, 604, 627 & 656

True Blue Since: August 2002

​Favorite Flavor of the Day: Cappuccino Almond Fudge

​Email: justinlawler@bleedblue.net

Matt Beder

Location(s): 522 

True Blue Since: 2000

​Favorite Flavor of the Day: Caramel Turtle

​Email: mattbeder@bleedblue.net

Lee Swan

Locations: 23

True Blue Since: 2016

​Favorite Flavor of the Day: Rasberry Cheesecake

​Email: leeswan@bleedblue.net

Ashley Mitchell

Location: Franklin, IN

True Blue Since: March 8, 2005

​Favorite FOD: Chunky Peanut Butter​ Dream

​Email: ashleymitchell@bleedblue.net

Duane Sprecher

​Location: 7

True Blue Since: December 1st, 2001

​Favorite Flavor of the Day: Rasberry Chocolate Marshmallow

​Email: duanesprecher@bleedblue.net

David Droll

Location: 343

True Blue Since: 2008

Favorite Flavor of the Day: Chunky Peanut Butter Dream

Email: daviddroll@bleedblue.net

Michael Horkan

Locations: 63 & 302

True Blue Since: 2010

​Favorite FOD: Chocolate Oreo Volcano

​Email: michaelhorkan@bleedblue.net

Matt Stuligross

Location: #627 & 656

True Blue Since: September 2006

​Favorite Flavor of the Day: Mint Oreo

​Email: mattstuligross@bleedblue.net

Kristine Gordon

Locations: 731

True Blue Since: 2014
​Favorite Flavor of the Day: Georgia Peach
Email: kristinegordon@bleedblue.net

Nate Drury

Locations: 687 & 658

True Blue Since: December 8th, 2015

​Favorite Flavor of the Day: Georgia Peach

​Email: natedrury@bleedblue.net

Jimmy Rhode

​Location(s): 547, 607, 696 & 731

True Blue Since: July 2002

​Favorite Flavor of the Day: Chocolate Eclaire

​Email: jimmyrhode@bleedblue.net

Kevin Ray

Locations: 498 & N Goshen

True Blue Since: July 2011

​Favorite Flavor of the Day: Turtle

​Email: kevinray@bleedblue.net

Tom Harberg

Locations: 68, & 459

True Blue Since: 2012

​Favorite Flavor of the Day: Mint Avalanche

​Email: tomharberg@bleedblue.net

Jordan Wright

Location: 81

True Blue Since: 2011

Favorite FOD: Cappuccino Cookie Crumble

Email: Jordanwright@bleedblue.net

Andy Murphy

Location(s): 2, 12, 23, 658, & 687

True Blue Since: 2013

​Favorite Flavor of the Day: Bonfire Smores

Email: andymurphy@bleedblue.net

Katie Rose

Locations: 727

True Blue Since: 2014

​Favorite FOD:Creamy Lemon Crumble

​Email: Katierose@bleedblue.net

Dave Luepke

Location(s): 20 & 79

True Blue Since: January 2nd, 2002

​Favorite Flavor of the Day: Just Drummy

​Email: daveluepke@bleedblue.net

Charles Kayser

Locations: 213

True Blue Since: 2004

​Favorite Flavor of the Day: Oreo Cheesecake

​Email: charleskayser@bleedblue.net

Keith Remington

Locations: 108, 213, 229, 263, 297, 343, 498, &727

True Blue Since: March 1st, 2002

​Favorite Flavor of the Day: Chocolate Oreo Volcano with Vanilla Custard

​Email: keithremingtonsr@bleedblue.net

Kandace Young

Location: 753

True Blue Since: 2002

Favorite FOD: Double Caramel Chocolate Peanut

Email: kandaceyoung@bleedblue.net

Adam Paunwar

​Location(s): 108 & 229

True Blue Since: 2015

​Favorite Flavor of the Day: Turtle Cheesecake

Email: adampaunwar@bleedblue.net

Jared Goodnight

Locations: 690

True Blue Since: 2009

​Favorite Flavor of the Day: Double Strawberry

​Email: jaredgoodnight@bleedblue.net

Matt Amero

Locations: Charlotte, MI

True Blue Since: 2019

​Favorite Flavor of the Day: Oreo Overload

​Email: mattamero@bleedblue.net